Proposal For a New Civilization

The Problem:
Civilization is disintegrating, (which is obvious). This is because our civilization was not built on sustainable principles.
A brief summary of conditions--

Physical Structure:
The infrastructure is nearing its life cycle and is collapsing. It is not possible to replace it with equivalent systems because the resources to do so are too expensive or no longer exist (vast oil reserves).

Social Structure:
Families have little time to devote to the critical task of nurturing children. Hence, crime, violence, drugs, greed, and other social ills. The evening news tells much of the story. Most families are stressed beyond their recuperative abilities.

The educational system has failed to educate a majority of children beyond a basic level. Standards are lower. Some high school "graduates" cannot even read beyond elementary school level. Schools are often violent, chaotic, and depressing places for children to be.

Food Supply:
On average, we only have 6 inches of topsoil left. Essential nutrients were mined from it long ago. Now the bulk of our food is empty calories with consequent loss of health and vitality.

Health Care:
The current system has failed to maintain the health of the population. Drug resistant strains of many diseases are on the rise. Degenerative diseases are at epidemic levels.

We have squandered our non-renewable energy supplies. We can look forward to increasing costs for diminishing supplies of energy.

We have poisoned the planet we live on.

The Solution:

We need to redesign civilization based on new principles while there is still time. Solutions to all of the problems listed above exist. For the past 20 years, practical alternatives to the problems facing civilization have been researched. Workable solutions have been developed.

The Institute proposes building sustainable eco-villages which embody these solutions as a demonstration of what can be done and how to do it. We propose documenting the construction of these eco-villages with books, video, and internet web pages so that solutions can be made available to the world. We also propose the development of low-cost designs to retrofit existing cities and towns. We must replace existing systems with systems which do not pollute or degenerate the environment.

Failure to act will certainly result in the continued disintegration of society with the progressive breakdown of social structure and increasing violence as we see in other parts of the world which are collapsing before us.

Action Steps:
1. Form a design team to develop the designs for retrofitting our cities and for building new sustainable eco-villages.
2. Organize the construction of demonstration technologies.
3. Document the process so that it can be replicated.
4. Distribute the information world-wide.

We can still create a paradise on Earth and everyone could live debt-free in a park-like garden if we choose. The knowledge of how to do it is here, but we need to act quickly. To learn more or to contribute to this project, contact.

Sri Ananda Sarvasri, Director
Institute for Planetary Renewal

Web Site: Review this web site (The Institute for Planetary Renewal) for a glimpse of solutions. Contact us if you can help.

The world's top scientists have warned the people of the earth that we must act quickly. Read their warning.

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