Future Vision

We Choose Our Future

We have a choice about our future and the future of planet Earth. One choice leads to restoration and the other to degeneration. The United States has the distinction of destroying its soils faster than any civilization in history. Ecological destruction is the cause of the destruction of every known society. All life depends upon good soils.

Choose to Restore Ecologies and Create Abundant Gardens

We know how to restore soils and ecosystems. We know how to create gardens which can nourish us using only 1/10th the space of commercial row gardens (high-density, edible landscaping). We can create Gardens of Eden if we choose... productive low-maintenance vegie gardens, hanging gardens, fruit vineyards, nut and fruit orchards, and fields of grain and beans, all within our neighborhood or region. We will save money and offer superior nutrition.

But we can't expect big business or big government to do it for us. There is no profit in it for them because they depend upon sales and taxes on sales. In many areas of life, the interests of businesses and governments are at odds with our own interests and real needs. In these cases, if we want the better choice, we must do it for ourselves or suffer at the hands of commercial interests or governments.

When we buy food rather than grow it, we get inferior quality. Most commercial foods are grown for their mechanical harvesting and shipping qualities, simultaneous ripening (for single harvest), bruise resistance, color, and other qualities which lower the costs to commercial growers. Nutrition isn't even considered. That's why commercial tomatoes taste so awful compared with home grown.

Any future we consider must include a restoration of the Earth which begins with our own lifestyles in our own neighborhoods. The single most powerful step we can take to restore the world's ecosystems is to simply shift to a vegetarian diet and plant neighborhood gardens. 90% of all grain is fed to animals for slaughter. This is a huge waste of cropland. Most rainforest destruction is for meat. See Why Vegetarian?.

In terms of the systems we depend upon for sustaining our lives, we have allowed the complexities to grow beyond our ability to manage them. There is a huge waste of resources in shipping food and other locally producible goods around the country and around the world. Local self reliance is a wise course. For a sustainable society, in general, we must replace:

Current Condition Future Choice
Complexity Simplicity
Big Systems Small Systems
Centralized Systems Decentralized Systems
High Tech Lower Tech
Dependence Self Reliance
Welfare Self Responsibility

For other amenities of a modern society such as educational resources, entertainment, computers, industrial equipment, and many goods and services, access to world commerce, high tech, and vast transportation systems are a welcome addition and complement to local production and self reliance.

In these pages, we hope to encourage you with knowlege and techniques to improve the quality of life where you live and inspire a transition to a positive future which is within our grasp if we will only begin to create it in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

Sri Ananda Sarvasri, IPR Founder and Director

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