Institute for Planetary Renewal

How You Can Help

Begin Visualizing

Instead of opposing or lamenting what you DON'T want. Begin visualizing and creating what you DO want.

Use Your Resources Wisely

There is so much to be done. If you are fortunate to have more money than you personally need, think of how those resources could be used to jump start a new civilization.

Start Something in Your Area

Don't just sit on good ideas. DO something creative. Find people in your area and start creating a new civilization. Don't expect the government or big business to do it. They are already overwhelmed with problems.

Participate in IPR offerings

Check out the products and services that we offer. If you can participate in any other these, it will help us and help you, too.

Help Us With Donations If You Can

We have an immediate need for funds for the development of construction plans for housing designs and device plans for life support technologies. If you can help please call us and talk with us at 336-644-1111 or email. Thank You!

Donations needed:

Our thanks go out to those who have made donations of time and money to create a new civilization for all of us.
The Institute for Planetary Renewel is a non-profit organization. Donations are deductable.

Questions, Suggestions, and Offers of Help:

Please e-mail Sarvasri, IPR Director:

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