A Vision for a New Civilization

If we are to create a Paradise on Earth we will have to change the way we live with ourselves.

In developed countries, the high cost of living requires that we earn lots of money.
If we work hard and earn a lot, then something must be produced with that effort.
If goods are produced, they must be consumed or else we will have no work.
If they are consumed, natural resources must be used.
If natural resources are used excessively and not recycled, as they presently are, then the earth is wasted.
Therefore a high standard of living, based upon mass consumption and minimal recycling (our present design) inevitably leads to the destruction of the ecosystems that we rely upon for our survival. If undeveloped countries follow our path, the destruction of the ecosystems we depend upon is assured.

If we can eliminate the high cost of living, then we can live more sensibly on the Earth. In the past, a simpler lifestyle meant a low quality of life, but does it really have to be? We believe not.

We believe that it is possible to substantially INCREASE our quality of life and our material comforts by applying better design principles to solve the needs of housing, energy, food, and other necessities and comforts. We do not have to suffer. In fact, we are suffering now much more than we need to because of the poor designs of our civilization.

The Physical Environment

We envision a new kind of civilization in which no one has to work hard anymore to earn a living. Ultra low-cost, non-toxic, solar powered, beautiful structures can provide housing, recreation, local food production, water supply, and virtually all other daily needs on-site. Everyone can live in a self-sustaining palace, if they so choose. This is now practical using current technology as outlined in these pages.

Community Life

As the struggle for survival is eliminated, there will be more time for community life and culture. Jobs can be eliminated so we can do more of what we should be doing -- Singing, Dancing, Laughing, Playing, Creating, and pursuing our Artistic and Spiritual Quests. (If you find this hopelessly and impossibly utopian, it shows how far we have digressed from a happy, healthy society.)


With the advances in computer technology, it is now possible to have virtually free education from K through Ph.D. Schools as they currently exist may no longer be needed, but specialized learning centers could be useful.
Key ideas --
  • Parents teach their children how to read (with tutoring help if needed).
  • Everyone is both a teacher and a student (lifelong learning).
  • Everyone makes an "A" (take all the time you need).
  • Education is self-paced and self-directed.
  • Most information is presented via computer networks.
  • Mentoring is the primary focus of education rather than rote learning
  • Mentors are found by query of a local skills database (everyone chooses their teachers).
  • A neighborhood computer network ties all households together.
  • Learning Centers are staffed by teachers (hours of their own choosing) who guide groups of students working at the same educational and interest level, regardless of age, in projects for experiential learning (fee based or voucher based).


We need a healthy economic system. Local economic systems provide for exchange of locally produced goods and services. This is an exchange system of credits and debits for everyone in a community. It is community based and controlled. See Community Information Networks and LETS economics on other IPR pages.

Health Care

Health care is provided by:
  • Self administered and family-based holistic methods
  • Ayurvedic and other natural healing systems
  • Trained neighborhood healers using the latest preventative and holistic methods
  • Medical specialist for the few cases requiring invasive, surgical, or drug intervention.
This approach will also create a state of higher inner awakening in the population in general by which diseases are prevented. Disease is the result of the imbalances created by violating well known laws of nature. In an advanced culture, these mistakes will be minimized.


In an enlightened society, not much of a government is needed. Local governments should be the most dominant and have the greatest authority, followed by regional and national governments. Just the opposite of what we have today. When our needs are met on more than just the physical level, there will be little interest in crime, violence, and other behaviors that require massive government structures.
Most of the knowledge we need to redesign civilization is already here. We just need to do it! Get together with your neighbors and friends and decide how you want to live. Begin the act of creating a positive future, right where you live and work.

We All Need to Sing More, Dance More, Laugh More, and Play More
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