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Free Introductions to the work of the Institute are given periodically, email us for schedules.

  • Ultra Low-Cost Housing, Self Sufficient Living, and Appropriate Technologies
  • The public is invited. Presentations are Free.

    Ultra Low-Cost Housing Seminar

    Debt-Free Living In Paradise...

    A new construction technology enables anyone to build an ultra low-cost, non-toxic house for under $5 per square foot. The new system utilizes innovative designs, materials, methods, and solar technologies. With such designs, it may be possible to completely redesign civilization so that no one has to work hard to earn a living.

    Supporting technologies enable self-sufficient living and independence. Solar collection for space and water heating, solar cooking, onsite recycling, and water harvesting are some of the features incorporated.

    Sustainable community development is needed to replace the current housing systems which are inadequate for the 21st century.

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