Institute for Planetary Renewal

Ultra Low-Cost Housing Seminar

(Available in the Greensboro, NC area)

Seminar Topics:

(Some information will be provided to you on disk for prior study)

Technology Review

Form Building Techniques

Hands on Events

Previous Workshop Comments

"Attending this workshop has been very educational and very interesting. We are very interested in following up on this, and getting involved." -- R.T.

"Simplicity is genius. Richard's concepts are beautiful, too!" -- M.S.

"Very creative way of construction; economical and simple method." -- V.O.

"Clear and informative -- A wonderfully creative and simple way to build for both beginner and expert builder." -- M.G.

"Innovative construction made simple. Easily understood." -- M.O.

"I'm so excited by this that I'm ready to begin today! Bravo, Richard!" -- S.D.

"A real breath of fresh air for the shelter solution." -- J.B.

"A truly revolutionary way of building that is inexpensive, simple, creative, and innovative. This workshop was an invaluable source of information -- I highly recommend it to everyone!" -- J.D.

"Great workshop -- I am overwhelmed with information. Certainly well worth the $." -- K.G.

"I have gained a good understanding of the principles involved and very much appreciate this opportunity. The most significant advantages are:

  1. The elimination of separate roof construction and joining details to walls.
  2. Straw-clay economics.

I expect to start building full scale forms soon." -- J.C.

One-Day Intensive Workshop

Saturday or Sunday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Cost $175, Couples $295, Pre-registration Required, Limited Attendance.


For schedules and to register send e-mail to Sarvasri, IPR Director:

Things to Bring:

Sack Lunch, Something to Sit On, Old Clothes, Gloves or Rubber Gloves, Boots or Rubber Boots, Lots of Energy!

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