Ultra Low-Cost Construction

The greatest material need in the world today is the need for housing and life-support systems for the sustainable development of civilization. In western countries such as the U.S.A., housing is no longer affordable by a large percentage of Americans. In developing countries, housing is both substandard and expensive. Therefore, affordable housing and the ability to sustain civilization without destroying the environment are the critical needs in every country of the world today. Unless we solve the world housing shortage and provide a means for people to sustain themselves in life supporting environments, the world may erupt into competing battles for resources.

Featured New Construction Tool...

Stucco and Mortar Sprayer

StuccoA great tool to speed up the efficiency of low cost construction is this stucco sprayer. It sprays much more than stucco. It will also spray earthen mixes, fibercrete, natural lime plasters, and structural mix.

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