Solutions To World Problems Through Knowledge and Design

The Vision
Creating a new civilization.

Choices for the Future
The Problem
Why We Must Design a New Civilization.
The Future
We Have a Choice to Create and Restore
or to Destroy and Degenerate Our World

Physical Design of
Our Living Environments
Ultra Low-Cost Construction
To solve the world housing shortage.
Life Support Technologies
To provide abundant food, energy,
and natural waste recyling.
Energy Technologies
To provide electrical energy for the home.

Community Design
New designs for education.
Community Information Networks
Making communities work.
New spiritual planetary economics.
Sustainable Communities
How to create sustainable communities?

Nourishing Ourselves
Food How will we be fed?
Vegetarianism Why Vegetarian?

Helping Each Other
How You Can Help
Products, Services, and Seminars


Debt-Free Living In Paradise

We Could All Be Living Debt-Free
In an Ecological Paradise
Of Our Own Creation

We Could Be Creating
A Beautiful Life on Earth...

Upcoming Talks:
"Debt-Free Living in Paradise"
Saturday, May 23, 10:30 AM
Reynolda Manor Library
2839 Fairlawn Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

"Debt-Free Living in Paradise"
Saturday, June 6, 10 AM
Walnut Cove Library
106 5th St, Walnut Cove NC 27052

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